Q: Where can I buy Picana?

A: Please contact the distributor. They take care of the sales and distribution of Picana in your city and can tell you exactly where Picana is available.


Q: Why does the juice settle?

A: Juice made from real, fresh fruits always settles. We recommended all our juice to be shaken before use.


Q: What are the Nutritional Values of Picana?

A: All Picana juice Nutritional Values and facts are printed on every label on the bottles and tetrapaks.


Q: Can my school visit the juice factory and see how the juice is made?

A: We do not encourage field trips because our fruit processing plant maintains strict conditions for the juice production process and all factory staff are required to dress and handle the juice in the required cleanliness and hygene.


Q: Does Picana offer sponsorship for events?

Milly Fruits works closely with local communities through various volunteer projects throughout the coast province to help develop sustainable development projects by providing resources, sponsorships and knowledge needed to ensure that communities continue to prosper, grow and make lasting impacts on each others lives. Please contact us to find out more on the sponsorship we can offer you.


Q: What community projects is Picana involved in?

We support various charities such as the MTWAPA ISLAMIC CENTRE FOR ORPHANS, SPECIAL SCHOOLS SPORTS ASSOCIATION OF KENYA and various other local charities.
We also provide free well water to the local community throughout the day. It is much appreciated as there are water shortages in the region and some have to travel for miles and pay high prices to obtain clean water for domestic use.